FORTIFIED Home™ On the Go: Download Our Tablet App

Posted on March 9, 2017

MunichRe-AP.jpgEverything you need to know about the FORTIFIED Home™ program can be downloaded to your iPad for free from the FORTIFIED On the Go app.

In June 2016, Munich Re, U.S. and IBHS launched the FORTIFIED Home™ On the Go tablet app. The interactive, customizable app walks homeowners, contractors and architects through the home-strengthening process. Users can enter details about where they live and what they want to build, and the app provides specific FORTIFIED Home information based on that user’s specific input.

The app includes:

  • Video testimonials from homeowners and contractors
  • Animations about how the FORTIFIED standards are implemented
  • Technical specifications about the FORTIFIED Home standards
  • And more

The app is an easy way to learn about FORTIFIED’s mission to build stronger, safer homes and businesses, particularly in regions that are vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes or high winds and hail.

“The FORTIFIED Home On the Go app is an educational tool designed to help individuals and contractors build more resilient structures utilizing the FORTIFIED Home standards,” said Carl Hedde, Head of Risk Accumulation, Munich Re, US. “This is something everyone can learn from and use to help make their homes more resistant to the effects of the dramatic weather events we are experiencing across the U.S.” 

Hedde, who retrofitted his home to the FORTIFIED standard a few years ago, conceived the idea for the app after struggling to explain the specific components to his contractor. “The FORTIFIED program is the result of years of scientific research that has been proven to make homes stronger and better able to withstand high winds,” Hedde said. “It is a great program and it’s also complicated. Not everyone can read technical papers; that’s why I came up with the idea for the app.” 

Whether you’re familiar with the FORTIFIED Home program like Carl Hedde, or have just heard about it and want to learn more, the FORTIFIED Home On the Go app gives you an easy-to-understand overview of the program.

The app is free and available for download to iPads only on Apple’s App Store.

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The FORTIFIED program provides the strongest and most critical building standards for high-risk areas in coastal states.
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