What is the Fortified Home™ Program?

IBHS created the FORTIFIED Home™ program to help strengthen homes from hurricanes, high winds, hail, and severe thunderstorms. Protect your home from natural disasters by using FORTIFIED Home construction standards and methods. IBHS FORTIFIED goes beyond emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home has been FORTIFIED to offer disaster protection.

Steps to FORTIFIED Home™


Complete a free online application.


All FORTIFIED Evaluators are certified by IBHS after completing a comprehensive training program, passing an exam and meeting our rigorous professional requirements. FORTIFIED Evaluators are then qualified to help assess the condition of your home.

Choose your Certified FORTIFIED Evaluator and schedule a FORTIFIED evaluation to have your home’s current condition documented.


You will receive a written Current Condition Report by mail or email; this will include an analysis of your home’s current condition as well as actions needed to achieve each of the FORTIFIED levels of designation for the applicable natural hazard.


Work with a building professional to have the required retrofits completed and reduce your risk of loss due to natural hazard.

Get Designated

Have a designation inspection performed after completing your upgrades.


In addition to improving your family’s safety and reducing the risk of financial loss, by achieving a FORTIFIED Home designation, you may be eligible other economic benefits including a reduction in your property insurance premiums. IBHS cannot provide any specific information about any effect that a FORTIFIED designation may have on your premiums. For information on whether there are credits or discounts available, you must consult your insurance provider.

What Risks Do We Currently Support?

FORTIFIED Home™ standards are currently available for hurricane, hail and high wind risks. Learn which risks are most likely to affect your area using the IBHS ZIP Code map on our homepage.



The FORTIFIED Home™–High Wind & Hail program helps homeowners strengthen their home against high winds and damaging hail.



The FORTIFIED Home™–High Wind program helps homeowners strengthen their home against severe thunderstorms, straight-line wind events, and high winds at the edges of a weak tornado.



The FORTIFIED Home™–Hurricane program helps homeowners strengthen their home against the devastating power of tropical storms and hurricanes.